BlueMoon Meadows - A Caring Place for Orphaned Pets

You can make a donation to BlueMoon Meadows in memory of a person and/or a pet.

Click on the PayPal button to the right and you will be asked to enter the amount you wish to donate. During the PayPal checkout process, you will be asked to enter the name(s) of the person/pet your donation is in memory of.

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All Donations are fully deductible on your federal taxes.


  • Lori Fortin - In memory of Jasmine. Adopted from Blue Moon Meadows by Bob Klein in 2010.
  • Cassandra Clar - In memory of Princess Mandy, a dog that touched so many hearts and will never be forgotten!
  • Sharon and Fred Haskins in honor of Charlie Breen.
  • Bob and Mary Murphy Thank you to Blue Moon for bringing Koko into our lives. She was the sweetest girl and shared 9 of her 15 years with our family. We miss her.
  • Kim & Jeff Gould in memory of Sully
  • The Sapienza family In loving memory of Nelly. You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye.
  • Linda Carrella in honor of the marriage of Mario & Yvette Sticca
  • Amy Chase in memory of Jack - beloved friend of Megan Dempsey
  • Geraldine Lane in memory of Milford Lane
  • Lorraine Felitti in honor of the marriage of Mario & Yvette Sticca
  • Sue Hostler in memory of Koko, who joins Millie on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge
  • Peg Beaulieu in memory of Koko Murphy
  • Kara Tudman Walker in memory of Cinder
  • Linda Curreri in honor of Mary and Bob Murphy and their great dogs Kara, Koco and Rosie
  • Marliese Merrick in memory of in peace sweet boy
  • Marliese Merrick in memory of in peace crazy boy!!!
  • Harry and Skye Pemberton in memory of our sweet friend Scarlett
  • Philip Vigneri III in honor of Spud
  • Patricia J Willsun
  • Liam Sisson In honor of two awesome dogs...
    Jesse and Angus
  • Linda Ziegler in honor of Essie & Katie
  • Lisa Galle in honor of Piper!
  • Kelly Growney in honor of Bailey
  • John, Jen, Lauren & Lindsey Hassett to honor Daphne's memory. With love from your brother Skipper
  • Steve Turiano in honor of Caesar and Cleopatra
  • Tim Vleuten in memory of Jett Gould...the sweetest black Lab ever.
  • Marliese Merrick In memory of in peace sweet lady.
  • Timothy Sperr in honor of Ashley Gunn's birthday
  • Cindy Martens-Pitts in memory of Molly
  • Matt and Bridgette Jacob In honor of Gina Brown and in memory of Diamond
  • Tim Vleuten & Mary Dyroff in memory of Monojeane Cockburn
  • Marliese Merrick In memory of in peace sweet, sweet boy.
  • Tim Vleuten & Mary Duroff in memory of Monojeane Cockburn
  • Germayne Tizzano - In Honor of my sister, Lynne, who is kind, compassionate and very protective of the rights of animals.
  • Elaine and Stephen DeForte - In memory of Jax.
  • Harry and Skye Pemberton - In memory of our friend Nelly.
  • Krystal and Jeff Carson in honor of Zion - an amazing addition to our lives!
  • Christina Klaus & Carson Mouser in memory of Mason
  • Scott Flaherty In memory of Lois D'Ambrosio with deepest sympathy to her family.
  • Steven Turiano in honor of Caesar and Cleopatra...our full supporters
  • Rebecca Balicki in memory of Debbie Smith
  • Christopher Herrmann
  • Lee and Becky Spear in memory of Gavi
  • Mary Ellen and Kelly Bush in honor of Julie Ciaccia's Birthday
  • Jean in memory of Padro
  • Anonymous in memory of Padro
  • Bill & Pat Finch in memory of Padro & Riina Mae
  • Dawn Traficanti in memory of Charlie Waffles (aka Gramps)
  • The Growney family in honor of Bailey and in memory of Molly
  • Anonymous in memory of Riina Mae
  • Sara Molyneux - In memory of Vernon R. Burgess, who loved even the "ugliest" of animals and passed this trait of kindness to his children and grandchildren.
  • Steven Turiano in honor of our two dogs Cleopatra and Caesar
  • Beth Sannerud & Deb Bray - In memory of the children & staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Honoring Benjamin Wheeler, age 6.
  • Lisa Barbero in memory of Bubbha & Lily
  • George Thurston in memory of his brother
    Bill Thurston
  • Olivia Emrich in memory of Rita R. Bement
  • Paul and Bonnie Carney in honor of Trip
  • Keith Helmicki in honor of Otto !
  • Rowland Richards In memory of Max - who outlived them all
  • Dawn Traficanti in memory of Charlie Waffles (aka Gramps) Adopted 7/6/10 - Adopted by God 1/31/11
  • Connie Hamilton in memory of Tequila and Wesley, two wonderful dogs that brought so much joy to my friends Mark and Lauren Gomez.
  • Maureen Caufield ... in memory of Charles Kase
  • Dawn M. Sweeney ... in memory of Starr-my little Dalmation
  • Mary Murphy ... in honor of Rosie from your big sisters Kara and Koko
  • Nancy Koser ... in loving memory of Michael Mandrick, adopted grandfather of Ebby and Harmony
  • Bonita Gower ... in memory of Michael Mandrick adopted grandfather of Ebby and Harmony
  • The Ostrowsky family ... in memory of Apollo

in honor of Ken's love for animals, especially dogs.

A sincere thank you to the donors in memory of Ken:

  • The Fredonia Girls
  • Bill and Kim Spadoni
  • James and Gwen Hoffman
  • Outlet Rod & Gun Club
  • Rebecca Parks - With love from the Parks family
  • Gwyneth Breeze-Hyrcko - From your First Grade team of friends at Frank Knight
  • Ellen Allen
  • Helen Huston
  • Phil, Ro, David and Lindsey Weidenborner
  • Kelly Demay
  • Scott & Mary Beth Davis
  • Jack & Mary Grace Thomas
  • Rachel Circle at the Webster Presbyterian Church


  • Lisa Galle and Piper
  • Kate & Dennis Petricoin, JJ, Crystal, Sunny & Sam
  • Barbara and Peter Sarkis
  • The Breen's
  • Lynn Fennel
  • Mary Lou Rosien
  • Brad Allen
  • Nathan Kramer
  • The Petricoin Family (Dennis, Kate, J.J., Crystal, Sammy & Sunny)
  • Kate, Dennis and J.J. Petricoin
  • Donna, Rick and Charlie Breen
  • For Midas' care:
    Kate, Dennis and JJ Petricoin, Kim and Jeff Gould in honor of Jett, Maddie and Sully, Dr. Tim Vleuten, Tim Coleman, Shawn Carter
  • Claire Pfalzer
  • Linda Curreri
  • Steven Turiano
  • The Zieglers- Ed, Linda and Essie.
  • Mattison, Daphne, Cooper, Mary and Patti
  • The Petricoins- Thanks for helping us make our family complete!
  • Sonya Mahoney
  • Anne Geraci - "Thanks for your help in finding a new home for Zoe."
  • Donations received for Chinook from:
    - Emma Mathias
    - Dean Schrickel
    - Joyce Fields
    - Valerie Whitney
    - Barbara Gordon-Wise
    - Margaret Spittler
    - Lynne Ploetz
    - Jan Bednar




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