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The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows

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The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows offers a lifetime residence for pets whose owners can no longer provide for them due to a death or long term illness.  The home gives pet lovers the reassurance that faithful fur friends who are left behind, will not be forgotten or abandoned.

The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows will be the residence for Orphans, who do not qualify for private home adoption. The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadow's Orphans will spend their remaining years being loved and catered to in a comfortable, secure place staffed by fellow pet lovers. The home will have dormitory-style accommodations, socialization time and privacy time depending on the Orphan's personality.  The home will be built somewhere within 100 miles of Rochester, New York.  The full-time staff and volunteers are committed to providing the pets with lots of love, quality playtime, and exercise along with required daily care.

The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows home atmosphere offers plentiful attention, spacious cage free living spaces and indoor play rooms with specially designed synthetic turf. Our lodge will also provide outdoor exercise areas, sunny greenhouse windows, onsite veterinary care, and high-quality balanced meals.  BlueMoon Meadows is committed to providing peace of mind to owners by guaranteeing that their beloved pets will live in a comfortable environment for the rest of their days. 

In 2007, BlueMoon Meadows is kicking off our HOMEWARD BOUND project.  This project will host fundraising events where all proceeds are directly applied to the purchase of land and construction of our Lodge.

If you would like to donate to this project, please click the donate button below or call Dee Herzog at 585-624-9328 email: for more information.   If you are a land owner who would consider donating your property, please call Dee directly. You are more than welcome to donate in some special person or pets memory. All donations will be honored on our web site and in the Lodge.

All donations are fully deductible on your federal taxes.

Please visit the our Homeward Bound Donations page to watch our progress.




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