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When an Orphan joins the BlueMoon family, the pet's emotional, behavior and medical history is extensively reviewed. If our Orphans have not received an examination within the last year, one of our affiliate Veterinarians will review all medical history. If required, they are treated for any ailments/parasites, brought up to date on vaccinations, and spayed/neutered.

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At this time, until The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows is built, the Orphan will be temporarily housed at one of our boarding partners facilities that qualify for our Helping Hands Program or one of our foster homes directly. All Helping Hands facilities have been qualified to meet our high requirements. While in temporary boarding or foster care, we will assess the Orphan's temperament, behavior, provide any rehabilitation, polish house manners, socialize, and evaluate when he or she may be ready for adoption. An Orphan is in our foster program for a minimum of two weeks-several months depending on the Orphan's needs. Once the Orphan is made available for adoption on our adoptions page, we begin matching him or her with the best home for both Orphan and family. We have a fair and ethical adoption service that matches a family to an orphan.

We process applications in order of date received; HOWEVER this does not mean the next application is the right match for a particular orphan. The foster and Adoption Coordinator discuss what home is the best match and a decision is made based on the Orphan's and the family's best interest. We believe our foster family knows the Orphan best and is crucial in the decision-making process. Our application process has been developed using years of successful experience in matching Orphans with forever homes. This is not a first come first serve process, we take adoption very serious and with every intention that it's a life long match. These orphans have been entrusted to BlueMoon Meadows to provide LIFETIME care, legally and morally. Through adoptions, we provide lifetime solutions for their emotional and physical care.
Budweiser with his new family

Before you send in an adoption application, please read about our program, review available Orphans, be aware that we require a home visit before we will place an Orphan in the home. You may also "prequalify" your home for a certain type of Orphan. This will allow us to expedite the matching process while still helping an Orphan. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Complete and send appropriate application (see top of this page). Applications are available in a pdf format that you can print, complete and mail.
  2. If applicable, include the name(s) of Orphan(s) you are interested in on your application. Please note; BlueMoon can not make any guarantee that a particular orphan is a match for your family.
  3. Work with us to arrange for the home visit, which must be set up at the convenience of both the adoptive home and our volunteers. Please be patient as the volunteers all have families and jobs in addition to their rescue work, and we often have several applicants we are already working with.
  4. Be sure you are seriously interested in continuing the adoption process. We will arrange the visit with the pet after the application and home check clear you for approval. When the process gets to the point of visiting the pet in our private foster homes, we are asking volunteers to take their time to open their homes to prospective adopters.
  5. Bookmark and check the web site frequently as pets in our program are quickly adopted after home approval. We usually have many pets wanting to come into the program and many applicants waiting for them. It is a good idea to go ahead and submit the application and have the home check done even if you do not see the orphan you would like to adopt yet. The right pet for you could come into the program any day.

Our adoption process may seem to take a bit longer than many anxious homes would prefer, but we do private adoptions only, for the best match of our orphans and families: this does take time, patience, and hard work. The results are almost always to the advantage of both the orphan and family for a lifetime of companionship and devotion. Please understand that we do not become involved in time-consuming discussions about our orphans unless families are serious about adopting a lifelong family member.

The Home Visit and Adoption Finalization

Our representative will bring a pet with him or her to see how the family and any resident pets interact; where the orphan will sleep and ask questions about where the orphan will be housed when the family is away. We will inquire about feeding, grooming, exercise, veterinary care, etc. ALL family members MUST be present and participate in the home visit process.

If the adoption team thinks this would be a good home - the family will visit the orphan in the foster home, or the volunteers will bring the orphan to the adopter's home to see if this will be a good match with the family and other pets. If so, the day of adoption, the new owner signs a final adoption agreement and pays a non refundable adoption fee of $375.00 for all dogs up to 5 years old; $275 for dogs 6 years and over. The $25.00 application fee will be applied to the adoption fee.

Duffy with Adopted Family

At the time of adoption the family is given a copy of medical records, a pet information sheet (current food, favorite toys, likes/dislikes, etc.), and signs the legally binding adoption agreement. The adoption fee is collected which goes directly to cover admitting, transporting and preparing our orphans for adoption. Any additional donations are always appreciated and accepted via our donation page; however only the adoption fee is required.





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