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Available for Adoption
Breed: Beagle / Feist
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year

Fully vetted & altered

Fritz is a 1 year old, 29 pound Beagle mix. He was abandoned at a shelter when his family didn't want to pay for boarding when they went on vacation.

Fritz instantly bonded with me but was a bit fearful of new people when he first arrived. Over the past couple of weeks, he has realized that strangers mean him no harm. Fritz is a fun, active boy. He goes bonkers when he sees the leash come out for his walk! Fritz knows some commands and is easily corrected. He is crate trained and is quite comfortable in his "little den".

Fritz needs to be with another dog for confidence. He is not choosy when it comes to play with other dogs. His best friends here include Linze,-a 12# Jack Russell, Flint-a 52# Hound and Paco- a 90# Shepherd. His ideal home would be one that is not super busy with tons of people in and out constantly. Just another dog and one or two people in the home would suit him just fine.

Once Fritz bonds with you, it will be for life. He has been abandoned once and has learned to trust again. He needs another chance with that one special person/people to give him that feeling of security.