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The Problem: In the United States, there are 4 to 5 million abandoned and orphaned pets euthanized each year. More than 500,000 of these result from owners not appropriately planning for the lifetime care of their pets.


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How We Can Help: BlueMoon Meadows provides an alternative solution to the shelter system, the streets, or private euthanasia for people who can no longer provide for their pets due to a long term illness or death.

Our Residents: The pets in our care were once beloved companions (i.e. Orphans). They are not unwanted, unloved strays, but the unfortunate victims of their owner's death or illness. Owners that entrust lifetime care of their beloved companions to BlueMoon may choose for their fur-child to live their remaining years in our group family home, The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows, or put their orphans up for private adoption. All forever homes requesting adoption services are extensively assessed for the orphan's appropriateness for their home. BlueMoon works extensively to match each orphan into a private home.

We Protect Our Orphans: Orphans adopted into a private home maintain their lifelong resident status, meaning in case of an adopter's death or illness, the pet is returned to BlueMoon. This ensures that all orphans must return to BlueMoon if for some reason the adopted family can no longer keep them. We find that this also allows the elderly to adopt knowing their BlueMoon orphan will be provided lifelong protection if their pet outlives them.

Our Helping Hands Program & Foster Network: Until The Lodge at BlueMoon Meadows is operational, BlueMoon will temporarily house our orphans at one of our Helping Hands boarding partners facilities or in one of our foster homes. Our orphans in boarding are moved to a Forever, a Foster-To-Adopt, or Foster home as soon as possible.


BlueMoon Meadows is a NY State Nonprofit Corporation, incorporated on January 25, 2006.   We received our tax exempt letter from the IRS on June 21, 2006.  

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Kathy Bronson Memorial Fund
Kathy Bronson

BlueMoon Meadows lost our CoFounder and dear friend, Kathy Bronson to Breast Cancer. Kathy has made a huge impact in all of our lives and the lives of all she touched.
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